Warning Signs - Child or Spouse at Risk

Mobile Devices and Computers

  • Your child spends large amounts of time online, especially at night.  Sexual predators also prowl the Net at night, seeking contact with young people.  
  • Your child turns quickly changes the screen when you come into the room.  
  • Your child locks the door when using working on their devices.
  • Your child lies about device use.
  • Your child is using an online account belonging to someone else.
  • You find pornography and inappropriate picture files on your child’s devices.  If you find a little problem, the likelihood is that there is a much larger problem.  
  • You find all the sites erased on the history. 

Behavior Changes

  • Your child becomes withdrawn from the family, isolates from his friends, is depressed, and leaves formerly enjoyed pursuits.  
  • Your teen now notices bodies instead of focusing on relationships.
  • You notice a loss of respect for girls and women.
  • Your child receives phone calls, mail, gifts, or packages from people you don’t know.  Time in chat rooms is usually a problem.  You have a high phone bill with unfamiliar numbers.  
  • Tolerance for sexually explicit movies will change.
  • Dating patterns may change, and ideas of appropriateness become much more liberal.  
  • Your child spends a lot of time in libraries where porn is concealed from parents.
  • If a child acts repulsed by, afraid of, or doesn’t want to be with a relative, friend, or family member, you might suspect sexual abuse, a common by-product of pornography.  One out of 3 girls and l out of 7 boys are sexually molested by the age of 16.  Most abused children do not tell their parents.  
  • There is a common thread of anger and impatience on the part of the person involved in porn.  The anger may be directed at the spouse, and sometimes the children.   
Source:  http://strengthenthefamily.net 
 “Garbage In—Garbage Out" 

What You Can Do

  • Women can fight porno by asking their husbands and boyfriends if they view pornography. 

  • Churches need to see porn as a war worth winning, and make a plan.  Men, women and children have porn addictions.

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