Airports and Airlines

What You Can Do
  • Reduce the risk of missing your flight due to long TSA lines for screening passengers.  PreCheck security lanes can screen 300 passengers an hour, twice that of standard lanes. 

    Enroll in TSA's PreCheck program.  PreCheck gives previously vetted passengers special screening.  Shoes, belts and light jackets stay on.  Laptops and liquids stay in bags.  These fliers go through standard metal detectors rather than the explosive-detecting full-body scanners most pass through.  Apply at one of two locations in Spokane.  For more information (click here). 

  • Aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft.  Federal Law makes it illegal to aim a laser pointer beam at an aircraft or their flight path.  Those who violate this law will be charged with a crime and arrested.  Laser beams can temporarily blind the pilot.  Pointing it at a law enforcement plane/helicopter can also disrupt police activity.  Sentencing may include jail time and a fine.

    In Washington, it is illegal to point a laser light at on-duty firefighters, law enforcement officers, pilots and bus drivers, because it could impair their vision or make them think they are being targeted with a gun. It is a class C felony with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  (Source:  U.S.C. Title 18, Chapter 2, Sec. 39A.  Aiming a laser pointer at an aircraft)