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As We Forgive Those
How to forgive others, ourselves and God
by Charles F. Finck

"Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive."  (C.S. Lewis)   Like C.S. Lewis most of us have been taught the importance of forgiving.  The problem is, no one taught us how to do it!  Now, we can learn how to forgive using a simple prayer that brings healing and restoration to the heart.  With years of counseling and teaching experience, Charles F. Finck has successfully used these principles outlined in this book to bring healing to thousands of wounded hearts and families.  As We Forgive Those reveals six uncomplicated steps to freedom in relationships with others and God and effectively communicates biblical truths that no one should be without. 

Celebrating Spokane Authors:  A Collect of Poems, Essays & Short Stories
Members include writers, poets, photographers, artists and illustrators.  Membership is open to anyone, published or unpublished, who is interested in self-publishing and also includes those who publish traditionally. Our focus is on developing writing, publishing and marketing skills.

Members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers meet the first Thursday of each month, at  
Golden Corral Restaurant
7117 N. Division St
Spokane, WA 99208
Members and guests purchase lunch to enter.  Meetings often feature local authors as guest speakers.  For more information, visit http://www.spokaneauthors.org 

Christ Kitchen
Loving Women Out of Poverty
by Jan Martinez, founder

Christ Kitchen is Jan Martinez's compelling true story of how she turned a  horrific personal tragedy into a life dedicated to loving and mentoring women on the outskirts of society.  Since 1998, Jan has operated Christ Kitchen, a successful nonprofit job-training program in Spokane.  Inspired by the mentoring approach Jesus used with the Samaritan woman at the well, Jan debunks the stereotypes of homelessness and provides practical steps for overcoming poverty, hopelessness, and the cycle of abuse.  Christ Kitchen reveals God's heart for the poor and equips us to share his message with low-income women who have never heard the Gospel, set foot in a church, or felt the love of Christ. 

Creating Compassionate Foster Care:  Lessons of Hope for Children and Families in Crisis
by Janet Mann and Molly Kretchmar-Hendricks
A book for foster parents, biological parents, children who grew up in foster homes, government policy makers, and those in the judicial system.  The book outlines best practices and real stories in the world of foster care.  It draws from real foster care situations and childhood attachment research to help foster caregivers and professionals better respond to the complex needs of children and parents in crisis.  Always consider a child's experience in foster care and ways of handling that.  Learn strategies that keep in mind the child's perspective and within the context of their relationships with early caregivers.  Learn how children form attachments and need a sense of security from infancy, along with what occurs when those elements are disrupted. 

Attachment is a core theme.  Foster children, removed from a home because of abuse or neglect, are wounded by relationship problems and attachments gone wrong.  Infants and young children do not understand the concept of temporary, so attachment is really about survival.  If you have lengthy separations between children and biological parents, those foundational attachment relationships can be compromised. 

Fast Friends, The Amazing Power of Friendship, Fasting and Prayer
by Suzanne Niles
email:  suzanne.niles@uswsalvationarmy.org

"Fast Friends" offers personal and biblical insights on topics such as fasting to confess sins, fasting for God's guidance, and fasting for your children.  Suzanne cautions that fasting isn't for everyone - many have health issues that would prohibit going without food.  For Suzanne and her friend Wendy Simpson Little, fasting has literally changed their lives.  "There have been times when both of us have been too overwhelmed to pray.  There's comfort in knowing someone else is praying for you," says Suzanne.  

One Small Step Can Change Your Life
by Robert Maurer, Spokane psychologist

Our emotions have a great impact on our health and longevity.  We know know that the quality of our social interactions is associated with improved heart health.  This means not just having family and friends, but feeling appreciated, loved and valued by them.  After more than 40 years of research in the field, Dr. Mauer explains that seeking out friendships and practicing compassion - two highly effective antidotes to anger - are as important to our lives as good food and exercise. 

Raising a Secure Child

by Circle of Security International founders,
Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper, Bert Powell

The authors present more than 30 years of research working with struggling families in Spokane.  Learn how parents can help their children by rethinking their parenting ways.  Written to help individual families, caregivers, foster parents, adoptive parents and professionals.

With more than 30 years of experience researching and teaching Spokane parents, authors give specific strategies on how parents (or caregivers) can bond with their children in order to build a secure attachment.  The focus is really on the parents, versus trying to treat the child. 
  1. Parents need to be bigger, stronger, wiser and kind in their relationship with children.  Children need to know someone is in charge in a really caring and kind way.

  2. All children need a fair amount of soothing and comfort, in a way that is balanced.  If parents help children organize their feelings and soothe them when they are distressed, children learn from that process of how to manage their own emotions.  Children learn this when they are young in relationships, and can carry it throughout their life.

  3. Kids need autonomy or exploration, which starts with babies.  (Autonomy means independence, self-governing)   Parents should become a secure base and safe haven while children go out and explore and come back seeking support.
This book helps us see that parenting is not just about a focus on correcting behavior.  Parenting is about seeing the world through a child's eyes, and then also to see yourself.  Instead of focusing on children's behavior, parents can look at the child's behavior as their way of communicating that they have a need, particularly with misbehaviors or dysfunctional behaviors.  If parents can make that shift, which is really a shift to empathy, that will make a profound change in the life of their kiddos. 

When we see behavior as something that we have to manage, control, or shape, we miss the underlying message about the need that the child has.  Behavior is communication.  All parents struggle somewhere; welcome to the club.  For parents to figure out where they struggle without blaming themselves, that's where the action is.  (Source:  "Family Trust, Spokane therapists circle up parenting advice in new book," by Treva Lina, The Spokesman Review, May 29, 2017)

Books about local Citizens

Return with Honor
Captain Scott O'Grady
with Jeff Coplon 

Return with Honor is the incredible true-life thriller of one man's fierce struggle to survive in the hostile territory of war-torn Bosnia, told in his own words.  For 6 days and nights after his plane was shot down by a missile, Scott O'Grady eluded the Bosnian Serbs who relentlessly hunted him.  Relying on survival training received at Fairchild Air Force Base, he never gave up, and used cunning and his deep faith in God to evade capture and establish contact with the comrades-in-arms who could pull him out.  (Scott attended Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane) 

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