Service Reminders

  • Penny Reminders.   Put a penny in your shoe everyday.  Each time you notice the penny, it will remind you to do something nice for someone else.  
  • Do a Good Turn Daily.   Donate at least $1 to the Boy Scouts of America.  The BSA office will give the money you donated to their Friends of Scouting program, and give you a wooden token (like a coin) to keep in your pocket.  Place the token in your left pocket to remind you to “do a good turn daily.”  Then, after you have done a good, transfer it to your right pocket.  
  • Raise Awareness of Issues.  Allow others to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar.  The beans may represent the number of homeless persons in Spokane; or the number of children who receive treatment at Shiners Children’s Hospital every year; or the number of crimes in Spokane in a month…
  • Bookmark Reminders.  Ask permission from your school or city librarian, to make bookmarks for them to hand to people as they are checking out their books.  These bookmarks can provide a special message on them—such as, a reminder to help others, read to a child, donate used books for a good cause, or an inspirational message.