Radio Stations

Radio Stations

Spokane County

    Call Sign             Frequency                 Format         

     KYRS                                 88.1 FM                  Variety
     KAGU                                 88.7 FM                 Classical (Gonzaga U.)
     K206CQ (KYCC)                89.1 FM                 Christian Life College -     Religious
     KEWU                                89.5 FM                 Jazz (Eastern Wash.Univ)
     KPBZ                                  90.3 FM                 Public Radio

     K214AR (KPBX)                90.7 FM                  Public Radio     
     KPBX                                 91.1 FM                  Public Radio
     KSFC                                 91.9 FM                  Public Radio
     KYRS                                 92.3 FM                  Variety
     KZZU                                 92.9 FM                  Hot AC
     KDRK                                 93.7 FM                 Country

     KIXZ                                  96.1 FM                   Country
     KEZE                                 96.9 FM                   Top-40       
     KISC                                  98.1 FM                   Adult Contemporary
     KKZX                                 98.9 FM                   Classic Rock
     KXLY                                 99.9 FM                    Country

     K262AG (KXLY)              100.3 FM                  Country
     KEYF                               101.1 FM                  Oldies
     KTSL                                101.9 FM                 Christian Contemporary  
     KBBD                               103.9 FM                 Adult Hits  
     KEEH                               104.9 FM                 Christian Contemporary

     KZBD                               105.7 FM                 Top-40
     KSPO                               106.5 FM                 Religious
     KMBI                                107.9 FM                  Religious  
     KQNT                                  590 AM                  News/Talk
     KTRW                                 630 AM                  Nostalgia

      KXLX                                 700 AM                  Sports
      KJRB                                 790 AM                  News/Talk
      KXLY                                 920 AM                   News/Talk
      KTTO                                 970 AM                  Religious
      KEYF                               1050 AM                  Nostalgia

      KSBN                               1230 AM                  Business News
      KPTQ                               1280 AM                  Talk
      KMBI                                1330 AM                  Spanish
      KGA                                 1510 AM                  Sports


Local Organizations
Additional Resources
Fake News.  The Globe and Mail's editor Evan Annett wrote a "fake news spotting quiz" to help readers understand what fake news looks like and what forms it comes in.  Annett's definition of fake news falls under 5 categories:  disinformation for profit, disinformation for political gain, disinformation for crime, viral pranks, and uncritically reporting a hoax as fact. 
  • Snopes.  One of the most popular websites for fact checking.  The team works hard to verify or debunk viral stories.  The Snopes' staff has no political agenda since "members of the editorial staff are precluded from donating to, or participating in, political campaigns, political parties, or political advocacy organizations."  Snopes is a famous go-to site for anyone trying to debunk a myth - or a fake news story.