Personal Information - Dispose of it
Keep your personal information safe and secure.  Shred paper documents that contain confidential information. 
What You Can Do
  • Shred or tear-up documents that contain personal information before discarding.    This includes financial or medical statements, pre-approved credit-card offers, receipts, outdated bank statements, legal documents, ATM receipts, resumes, utility bills, tax forms, expired credit cards and investment records, and other solicitations.  To find out more, visit
  • Invest in a quality cross-cut shredder to dispose of financial documents and any paperwork that includes your name, social security number, bank information, a credit or debit card number.  Do not throw unwanted or confidential information in the garbage, where others can find it. 
Additional Resources
Spokane C.O.P.S. - Identity Theft Program
(509) 625-3328
Samantha Purcell, Crime Victim Advocate, Spokane COPS
Contact them to make a presentation on Identify Theft awareness.

DeVries Business Services
601 E. Pacific Ave
Spokane, WA  99202
(509) 838-1044
They offer shredding services to residents and businesses to protect them from identity theft.