President Lincoln - a Charitable Man

One week before his assassination,
President Abraham Lincoln  spent his last day at City Point, Virginia visiting wounded soldiers at the Depot Field Hospital.

President Abraham Lincoln spent the last day of his two week stay at City Point touring the Depot Field Hospital, where he visited more than 6,000 patients, including Confederate Col. Henry L. Benbow.  At first, Benbow hesitated to shake the President’s hand, saying, “Mr. President, do you know to whom you offer your hand?”  Lincoln replied that he did not.

When Benbow reminded Lincoln that he was a Confederate officer who had fought the Union as hard as he could for four years, Lincoln answered, “I hope a Confederate colonel will not refuse me his hand.” Benbow responded by extending both hands to clasp the President’s proffered arms.

The marker describing this story is located near the entrance to John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell.