Porn Changes the Way You Think

  • Porn changes the way a person thinks.  It will control your thoughts and lower your feeling of self-worth and respect for others.  What may start as innocent sexual curiosity can develop into an obsession with an ever-increasing need for more and more degrading depictions of sexual behavior.  
  • Pornography desensitizes men to women.  People who view porn report that it desensitizes men to women, and makes them more aggressive toward women.  Then, men want to degrade women and slap them around.  Spokane receives many calls each year for domestic violence.  
  • Porn invades your thoughts, language and moral values.  Porn breeds selfishness, as the viewer becomes numb and no longer values others except as mere objects of lust.  
  • Porn distorts the way you see the world.  Some people view child abuse and sexual perversions so often that they become desensitized to it, incapable of understanding the inappropriateness of the material they lust after.
  • Porn causes feelings of shame, deep self-loathing, and a desire to isolate from others in order to be alone.  It is their shame that prevents people from talking about their pornography issues.  Those addicted lie chronically to the people they love, and feel they canít stop what they are doing.  They will lie about this when they do not lie about other things. 

  • Pornography leads to a lack of commitment, where men have no desire to marry.

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