Poor and Needy

  • Be Kind.  Remember to be kind to those who are poor and needy—who have little or no food, clothing, or a home.  Sometimes they just need a friend, or help with their school work.  Notice those around you at school who may need help, and think of a way to serve them.  
  • Food Coupons.  Collect coupons for food or household items, and give them to a local food bank or homeless shelter which can share them with those in need.  
  • Bake Cookies.  Bake some cookies or another treat and deliver it to a person who is lonely, sad, or needs some love.  
  • Deliver Meals.  Help deliver meals to home-bound individuals.  Those you visit enjoy it when a child comes along. 
  • Gardening.  Help plant a garden and donate some of the harvest to a local food bank.  
  • Eyeglasses.  Donate old eyeglasses to an organization or business that recycles them to those in need.

  • More Ideas.  Find more ways children can give service to those who are in Need, on this site.    

Local Organizations