• Holidays.  Send holiday cards to soldiers.  Remember—they serve all year long, not just during the holidays. 
  • Adopt a Soldier.  Adopt a local soldier to send letters of appreciation to.   
  • Gifts for Soldiers.  Organize a drive for donations to send to men and women in the armed services.  If you don’t know a soldier, there is a website which some soldiers use to post their wishes for things they cannot get while deployed.  This website suggests what to send and how to send it.  Consider items such as snacks, hygiene items, microwaveable and non-perishable food, phone cards, and personal notes of appreciation.   Financial donations can be used to either purchase items or pay for postage.  Leftover items can be donated to another charity.  (Send at least one care package yourself before asking others to participate.) 
  • Music.  Perform (sing or play) patriotic or armed forces music for our veterans in adult care facilities. 
  • American Flag.  Fly your American flag on national patriotic holidays. 
  • Retire Old Flags.  Flags which are torn, soiled and faded are to be disposed of in a particular manner with honor and respect.  Collect old, worn, weathered and torn flags from citizens and businesses in our area.  Then, at a Boy Scout Camporee, ask them to retire the American flags properly.  Consider raising money to purchase and return new flags to the people who donated the worn-out flags. 

  • More Ideas.  Find more ideas for giving service under the Patriotism topic, on this site.