What You Can Do
  • Support our libraries—both in school and the community.  Use the free, unlimited resources available in public libraries.

  • Take your children to a library.  Our libraries host many reading programs and other activities to entertain your kids while you browse the shelves and catch up on your own reading list during the break.  Have your younger children check out books for you to read with them.
  • Volunteer to help in a library:  
    • Work at the information desk, giving directions and helping patrons locate books.  
    • Repair and clean books, and rewind tapes.
    • Shelve books.
    • Deliver books to seniors and the home-bound.
    • Assist with the children’s story hour, including preparing materials.  
    • Provide clerical help.
  • Join the Friends of the Library association, which helps with book sales and special events.  
  • Attend the Spokane County Library Board meetings, the 3rd Tuesday, 4 p.m. in the Argonne Library public meeting room.  

Local Organizations
Additional Resources

LIBRARIES - City of Spokane

Downtown Branch
906 W. Main
Spokane, WA  99201-0905

(509) 444-5300  

East Side Branch
524 S. Stone
Spokane, WA   99202-4150
(509) 444-5375  

Hillyard Branch

4005 N. Cook
Spokane, WA   99207-5879
(509) 444-5380   

Indian Trail Branch
4909 W. Barnes
Spokane, WA   99208-9155
(509) 444-5395

Shadle Branch
2111 W. Wellesley 
Spokane, WA   99205-5012

(509) 444-5390   

South Hill Branch
3324 S. Perry
Spokane, WA   99203-4058 

(509) 444-5385   

LIBRARIES - Spokane County

The Book End  (opening May 2017)
Location:  Spokane Valley Mall - 2nd floor, near Macy's
Periodicals, and online stations.  Books and a book drop for returns.  Children's books and kid-friendly places for them to read.  Users can check out DVDs and CDs. 

Airway Heights Branch
1213 S. Lundstrom
Airway Heights, WA   99001

(509) 893-8250                     

Argonne Library
4322 N. Argonne
Spokane Valley, WA   99212

(509) 893-8260  

Cheney Library
610 First Street
Cheney, WA   99004

(509) 893-8280  

Deer Park Library
208 S. Forest
Deer Park, WA   99006

(509) 893-8300  

Fairfield Library
PO Box 48
305 E. Main Street
Fairfield, WA   990112

(509) 893-8320  

Medical Lake Library
PO Box 249
321 E. Herb Street
Medical Lake, WA   99022

(509) 893-8330 

Moran Prairie Library
6004 S. Regal
Spokane, WA   99223

(509) 893-8340  
North Spokane Library
44 E. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA   99218

(509) 893-8350  

Otis Orchards Library
22324 E. Wellesley
Spokane, WA   99027

(509) 893-8390  

Spokane Valley Library
12004 E. Main
Spokane Valley, WA   99206

(509) 893-8400 

Spokane County Law Library
Gardner Center Building
Spokane, WA  99260

(509) 477-3680                     
No legal advice.  Emphasizes laws/practice materials of Washington State; computer research, inter-library loan and reference.