How well do you know Spokane?

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Find the answers at:

  1. Things to Do in Spokane County.  Where are 3 outdoor theaters?

  2. Projects for Kids and Families.  What are 4 reasons to involve children in volunteering?

  3. Projects for Grandparents and Parents.  How many people in Spokane are grandparents?

  4. Event Calendar.  Name one event on this month’s Event Calendar.

  5. Choosing a Charity.  What are 4 reasons why Spokane businesses support charitable organizations?

  6. Inspiration.  What can Spokane citizens do to be happier, healthier, and more prosperous? 

  7. Topics (tab).  

  • Animals.  Where are the Dog Parks located?

  • Children.  What are the 5 promises Spokane has made to our children?

  • Community of Spokane.  Which 2 streets divide the city of Spokane and determine all of the Spokane addresses?

  • Crime and Public Safety.  What are the Helmet laws in Spokane?

  • Cultural Arts.  How many live theaters are in our County?

  • Disabilities.  Where are the Playgrounds designed for disabled children?

  • Donations.  How many Thrift Stores support nonprofits?

  • Education.  How many public school districts are in our County?

  • Emergency Preparedness.   Which disasters are most likely to occur in our area?

  • Employment.  Where can a teenager find help obtaining employment?

  • Environment.  Are the Spokane River and the Spokane Aquifer connected?

  • Family.  Who offers parenting classes in Spokane? 

  • Food and Hunger.  How many food banks are in Spokane County?

  • Health and Medical.  How many children’s hospitals are in Spokane?

  • History.  How many museums are in Spokane County?

  • Homelessness and Poverty.  At what temperature are the warming shelters opened to the homeless living on the streets?

  • International.   Name some of Spokane’s Sister Cities.

  • Military and Patriotism.  How many Veterans live in Spokane with easy access to a Veterans hospital?

  • Politics and Voting.  Where can people find help voting, since Spokane does not provide a Voters’ Guide for each election?

  • Recreation and Fitness.  What types of recreational activities are found in Spokane?

  • Transportation.  What kind of transportation is provided for the disabled and elderly who cannot drive?