Spokane Area Council of Square & Folk Dancers
2303 East Illinois Aveue
Spokane, WA 99207
(509) 489-4492

Contact: Karen Reichardt
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Spokane Area Council of Square Dancers is an organization of 21 square, round and folk dance clubs in the Inland Empire.

Our purpose is:
  1. To promote a spirit of friendship and tolerance among people through dance and fellowship;

  2. To assist in the formation and development of square, round and folk dance groups;

  3. To represent square, round and folk dancing activities as wholesome and recreational to the highest standard;

  4. To promote square, round and folk dancing functions to the general public;

  5. To encourage mutual cooperation and the exchange of ideas among all dancers in the SAC;

  6. To inform member clubs of SAC activities and events;

  7. To provide SAC representation to the State Federation.
Dancing and Lessons:
  • Please come and dance with us.

  • We have lessons starting in September and January. All we want to do is dance. This is not your great-grandpa's barn dance in a black & white movie. New calls and current music make modern western square dancing a different activity than you are thinking of. If you danced in grade school, this is different.

    1. Ages 10 to 100 -
    Family friendly - Everyone dances together. - Singles Welcome
    2. Casual clothing -
    Jeans & T-shirts & comfortable shoes.
    3. If the music has a beat,
    we can dance to it. Rock to Classical to Jazz to Country, it all works for us.
    4. Non-competitive
    - no rating, grading or scoring. Just for the fun of moving to the music with others.
    5. Low impact aerobic exercise.
    If you can walk, you can dance.
    6. Mentally engaging
    command & response will wake up your brain cells.
    7. Cookies and smiles provided.
    Laughter guaranteed! 

  • We would like to list our lessons with your organization.

  • We do not allow politics, religion, smoking or drinking at any of our events.

  • We are a 501(c)3 educational organization.
Annual Events:

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