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Patricia P. Robinson
Kinship Navigator
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Clinical case management to at-risk elderly living in their own homes. We strive to prevent premature or unnecessary hospitalization or nursing home placement.

Elder Care has Services and Resources that can help Caregivers, including:

  • The Family Caregiver Support Program which offers helpful information, support and services to unpaid caregivers throughout Washington. Take a TCARE Personal Caregiver Survey over the phone with a caregiver specialist to provide you with a better understanding of your current situation and the sources and level of your stress. Using the results of the survey, the caregiver specialist can then offer you one-on-one consultation and support.

    Family Caregiver Support (FCSP) helps support unpaid caregivers of adults 18 and older who are not receiving Long Term care support services. We can help with:

    • Finding local resources and services
    • Matching caregivers with support groups and counseling
    • Assisting with training on specific caregiver topics, caregiver supplies or equipment
    • Respite care if a caregiver needs a break
    • Providing support on specific issues and can offer practical information and caregiving suggestions

    For more information, our Family Caregiver Support program line is (509) 458-7450 option 2.

  • Aging Disability Resource Connections (ADRC) provides 4 “key services” to help you obtain information on available public and private long-term care options and resources.
    1. Information and Referral
    2. Options Counseling
    3. Assistance in gaining access to public programs
    4. Person Centered Care Transitions supports

  • Respite Care

  • Kinship Care
    Kinship Caregivers are family members who provide primary care for children whose own parents are unable to care for the. 

    Kinship Navigator (KN)/Kinship Caregiver Support (KCSP) provides assistance to relatives raising a relative’s child under the age of 18 (grandchild, sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, etc.).

    The services can range from:
    • Finding local resources and services
    • Reducing or eliminating barriers
    • Assistance with navigation through government systems
    • Support with basic necessities (food, clothing, rent, school supplies, etc.) for the child*
    *Licensed foster care parents receiving foster care payments for the relative child; or
    Caregivers raising a child who has an open case with the state’s DSHS Child Welfare Services (CWS) or Child Protective Services (CPS), and therefore may have access to similar funding through the Relative Support Services Fund are not currently eligible for Kinship Caregiver Support services, but can still receive assistance through the Navigator.
    An open case is defined as a case where the child is in the placement and care authority of the Children’s Administration through a dependency action overseen by the court of a Voluntary Placement Agreement (limited to 30 days) and is placed with an unlicensed relative.

    If you are a grandparent raising a grandchild, or relative raising a sibling, niece, nephew or cousin, you could be eligible for Kinship Navigator services.  For more information, call our Kinship program line:  (509) 458-7450, ext 4.

  • Support Groups

Elder Services provides several programs to people age 18 years old and up, including CARE CARS, the Family Caregiver Support Program, the Kinship Care/ Kinship Navigator Program, and ongoing case management for Medicaid Long Term Care Community First Choice program.  This branch of Frontier Behavioral Health specializes in mental health services to people over age 55.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Do you know someone caring for an adult? Let them know...they are not alone. Help is available.

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