Days for Girls
Helping girls in 3rd world countries stay in school by providing much needed sustainable feminine hygiene supplies.
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Spokane Valley , WA 99037
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Days for Girls enables girls in 3rd world countries to have access to sustainable feminine hygiene supplies. Girls miss days of school and work, because they don't have anything to manage their monthly cycle.

This international organization has teams and chapters worldwide that sew, trace, turn, tear, iron, cut, and serge fabric components that are made into beautiful Days for Girls Kits. Kits are then delivered by volunteers like you to countries in need like Kenya, Guatemala, India, Peru. 

Providing feminine hygiene kits along with education is the MAIN PURPOSE of Days for Girls. Because without basic feminine hygiene supplies, girls miss valuable days  of school and work by sitting at home or quitting school altogether because they don't have anything to manage their menstruation.  

The founder, Celeste Mergens, has organized thousands of volunteer chapters and teams around the world to provide these ingenious feminine hygiene kits to more than a half-million girls and women in over 100 countries.  Her goal is to give every girl and every woman easy access to feminine hygiene by 2022. 

We can help. We can change their life.  We can give them dignity, freedom from abuse, and a healthy way to STAY IN SCHOOL.  This in turn reduces poverty, disease, and missed opportunities for girls.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Our Team meets monthly, usually on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Work-n-sew locations vary, but are in usually in Spokane Valley.

  • Volunteers can sew at home on their own as well.

  • You don't have to sew to help. There are many supportive tasks that are vital to make Days for Girls Kits.


    • We need 100% quilters cotton fabric or flannel.  Because of strict taboo's in some countries, the dark colored fabric prints must be either floral patterns or geometric shapes.  Look for a fabric that will hide the stains and that won't look like a sanitary pad.  It should look like a colorful, pretty handkerchief, or something of that nature.

    • We also need girls size panty briefs 10-12-14.  (no boy cuts)

    • We use Ziplock brand gallon size freezer bags.  (no zippers or value brands, only Ziplock brand.  These double as their washing machine).

    • Girls also need a bathroom washcloth - nothing fancy, just a very inexpensive washcloth.

    • If you have any hotel size bars of soap, they are included in each kit.

      Donations can be brought to my home.  15519 E. 11th Ave, Spokane Valley, WA  99037

  • We invite new volunteers to check out our local Facebook page to view upcoming events. Like us at Days for Girls Spokane Valley , and look at the international website too at
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