Inland Northwest Wildlife Council
6116 N. Market st
Spokane, WA 99208
(509) 487-8552
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The Inland Northwest Wildlife Council began in 1951. A group of outdoor sportsmen and women with an enduring philosophy of volunteer commitment to conservation, education, ethics and safety.

Our reputation as a reasonable voice for sports men and women and commitment to natural resources is unmatched. We work for the betterment of fish and wildlife, conserve natural resources and protect, create and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.

The INWC now commits nearly 20,000 hours of volunteer time annually and thousands of dollars to worthwhile projects in the outdoors.   With the growth and success of The Big Horn Show, the Council was able to construct and occupy their own facility in 1996. Not only our clubhouse, the Council Center is the focal point and home for numerous other non-profit outdoor groups and a regional meeting place for all things outdoors. The Center also serves as a busy weekend rental for various parties, weddings and other private functions.  

Currently the INWC has a full time staff of two and is involved with discussions, projects and planning statewide. We gather monthly for General Membership and Trustee meetings and schedule many work projects throughout the year.
Volunteer Opportunities:
We are a membership driven organization that has volunteer opportunities in big game, habitat restoration, fishing, and hunter education, and the Big Horn Show.
  • Join us at the Center the first Tuesday of every month, except July - we are confident you will find an area of interest to become involved with.
Annual Events:
Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show
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