Embrace Washington
418 W. Sharp
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 381-5370

Contact: Alene Alexander
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We want foster parents to feel valued, social workers to feel blessed, and all children to feel wanted.

Embrace Washington is a state-wide team of leaders and faith communities that collaborate to serve our most vulnerable children and families.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Drive from the heart.  Volunteer to drive foster children to appointments and activities.

  • Duffels for Darlings.  Decorate new duffle bags for children to place their personal belongings in. 

  • Boxes of Love.  Put together some Boxes of Love for children entering foster care.  These boxes contain snacks, activities and hygiene items to help children in those immediate moments following removal from their homes. 
  • Sewing Miles of Smiles.  Make stuffed animals to give to foster children. 

  • Volunteer to help with Social Worker Appreciation Event(s). Help cook, bake or serve at either of two events we organize:  Social Worker Appreciation Pancake Breakfast, or Social Worker Christmas Party.

  • Become a foster parent.  Many foster children are also adoptable. 
Annual Events:
Fostering Hope Benefit Breakfast (September)
Santa Brunch
Mother's day Tea
Social worker's Christmas party
Foster Parent Appreciation Picnic
Social Worker Appreciation Breakfast
Valentines day treat for Social workers
Adoption Friday