Embrace Washington
418 w. Sharp
Spokane , WA 99201

Contact: Alene Alexander
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We want foster parents to feel valued, social workers to feel blessed, and all children to feel wanted.

Embrace Washington is a state-wide team of leaders and faith communities that collaborate to serve our most vulnerable children and families.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Drive from the heart (Volunteer driving)

  • Duffels for Darlings

  • Volunteer to help with Social Worker Appreciation Event(s). Help cook, bake or serve at either of two events we organize:  Social Worker Appreciation Pancake Breakfast, or Social Worker Christmas Party.

  • Consider becoming a foster parent.  Many foster children are also adoptable. 
Annual Events:
Fostering Hope Benefit Breakfast (September)
Santa Brunch
Mother's day Tea
Social worker's Christmas party
Foster Parent Appreciation Picnic
Social Worker Appreciation Breakfast
Valentines day treat for Social workers
Adoption Friday