Pediatric Stroke Warriors
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We are dedicated in our mission of building community awareness for pediatric stroke and hope for impacted children and families throughout the Greater Pacific Northwest Region.

Pediatric Stroke Warriors
is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Washington State, actively building education and support for Pediatric Stroke.

With our Outreach and Education initiatives we provide awareness to all communities, general and medical, communicating the signs, symptoms and the importance of a rapid response regarding stroke among children.

We believe in providing impacted families with resources and hope
through our Focus on Families programs, like our Warrior Bags and Brave Boxes, our informational website, and a private Facebook community page.

We continually share local and national resources that many have come to need while being an advocate in their child’s medical care, along with opportunities to connect with other families within their communities. Furthermore, we are committed in continually seeking and supporting resources that are beneficial in the lives of children impacted by stroke.

Our PSW Fund at Seattle Children’s Hospital
was established in 2015 by working with Seattle Children’s Foundation to implement the first fund of its kind, to specifically support the stroke program and uncompensated care for children and their families impacted by stroke. We work together to ensure that a child seeking treatment at the Seattle Children’s Stroke Program should never have to forgo any care or treatment based on financial reasons.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Your awareness, support and donations are what makes all of what we focus our mission on with Pediatric Stroke Warriors, possible!

Annual Events:
Annual "Streak" for Pediatric Stroke Warriors event in CDA.
Education and outreach year round.
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