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Community-Minded Enterprises encourages and demonstrates long-term community well being by offering skills, strategies and services through which communities achieve and sustain greater resiliency.

We are committed to advancing a universal model for successful, sustainable communities.  By community we mean combinations of people, nature, and culture in a place urban or rural of a size which allows people to be involved with each other in personal and meaningful ways.  

With increased connection between people and their ecosystems, local communities over time become more self-sufficient, resilient and self-sustaining.  

A sustainable community provides for its members with: 
adequate and affordable shelter and healthcare;
easily accessible and healthy food sources;
a living wage and grassroots economic development;
child care support and education available for all ages;
community media;
efforts to ensure a clean environment and alternative energy. 

It appreciates diverse cultures and demographics, and uses differences to foster creative solutions to our common problems.  

A sustainable community would be able to support itself during economic, health and environmental crises.

Spokane Helpline:
Community Living Connections
(509) 960-7281
Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

This program helps Seniors and people with disabilities can find the services they need to stay in their homes as long as possible.
  • Home visits are provided when needed

  • Help with assessment and paperwork

  • Services include actual assistance, personal care assistance, mental health services, housing, assisted living, health insurance, Medicaid, transportation to meals and medical appointments, prepared meals or food assistance, caregiver support and relief, long-term care, assistive devices, legal support and advocacy, options counseling.

  • Who can call?  You can!  Clients, guardians, advocates, caregivers, family members, neighbors, friends, health care providers, community partners and law find resources.
All services are free and confidential.
222 W. Mission, Ste 120
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 960-7281