Community-Minded Enterprises<
104 W 3rd Ave Ste B
Spokane, WA 99203

Community-Minded Television (CMTV14): 509-242-3405

Plan to Work: 509-960-7276 / toll free: 866-497-9443

Child Care Aware of Eastern Washington / Early Achievers: 509-375-8669

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP): 509-362-2521

Recovery Cafe Spokane: 960-8529

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We are based in Spokane, where we carry out our mission to empower communities to improve long term well-being through outreach, access and training.�

We focus on connecting you with the services you need, and making sure your voice is heard by program providers on a�regional and state level.�

We lead statewide outreach to low-income, multi-ethnic and marginalized communities, through partnerships and direct communication. We work with individuals like yourself in a variety of innovative programs, to help you overcome barriers that stand between you and your�ability to�reach your�full potential.

With increased connection between people and their ecosystems, local communities over time become more self-sufficient, resilient and self-sustaining.��

A sustainable community provides for its members with:�
  • adequate and affordable shelter and healthcare;
  • easily accessible and healthy food sources;
  • a living wage and grassroots economic development;
  • child care support and education available for all ages;
  • community media;
  • efforts to ensure a clean environment and alternative energy.�

It appreciates diverse cultures and demographics, and uses differences to foster creative solutions to our common problems. �

A sustainable community would be able to support itself during economic, health and environmental crises.

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