UGM Thrift Stores
(a program of Union Gospel Mission)
301 W. Boone
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 326-3316

Contact: Beth

Valley store:
11921 E. Sprague
Spokane Valley, WA

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"When I came to UGM, it had been over 10  years that I had not worked. I had never had a resume in my entire life. ... They gave me a chance to work at the Thrift Store. I love working at the Thrift Store." -- Troy 

Union Gospel Mission Thrift Stores support several homeless programs in our community. They also provide a job training and placement program for people in recovery to develop their skills and work history. 

Proceeds from the Thrift Stores support the homeless through the Men's Shelter and Recovery Program, Women's Recovery at Anna Ogden Hall, the Crisis Shelter for Women and Children, the Coeur d'Alene Center for Women and Children, and UGM Camp.   

In 2016, UGM served 349,543 meals and provided 106,551 safe nights of shelter.


Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Volunteers are occasionally needed to help stock shelves, sort household items, tag and hang clothes, set up displays and straighten the store, especially during the week.
  • Donate usable household items, clothing, books, appliances, and tools to these thrift stores.  

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