Christ Kitchen
2410 N. Monroe St
Spokane, WA 99205
(509) 325-4343

Contact: Kari Kelli
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A Christ-centered ministry providing work, job training, discipleship, support and fellowship for women living in poverty.

More than 30 women employees produce and sell packaged food products, enabling women to learn to work and become employable. 

The women prepare various gourmet products, which enables them to learn to work, become employable, and eventually, support themselves and their families without reliance on government programs or destructive relationships. 
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Donate food and serve meals to share with women of all races, classes and socioeconomic status.
  • Become an advocate for the poor and for social issues. 

  • Give us a call -
    • Drop in and help cut strips of fabric (bring your pinking shears)
    • Attend Bible study on Thursday at 8:30 am
    • Hand out delicious samples of our products at one of our wonderful vendor locations. 
    • or, ask what else is needed. 

  • Purchase some of the various gourmet products prepared by the women, such as mixes for:  brownies, bean and lentil soup, corn bread, converted rice, cookies, lemon bars, lentil salad, scones, cider spice mix, popcorn, tea, peppermint cocoa, and more.  

    Jan Martinez's book Christ Kitchen is a must read, a truly gripping spiritual experience that summons a heart change in viewing others through the eyes of Christ.  The book documents the silent life screams of broken, mangled, misused women.  As the result of Jan's own encounter with evil treatment and her healing through the living Christ, she has been able to help so many women match the torn, jagged pieces of their experiences with the giving grace of a mending, merciful, and transforming God.   

    Our products are sold at
    Christ Kitchen - 2410 N. Monroe St.
    Yokes - 9329 E. Montgomery at Argonne Village, and 12825 W. Sunset Highway in Airway Heights.
    Rosauers - 2610 E. 29th Avenue
    Kitchen Engine - 621 W. Mallon Avenue, #416, The Flour Mill
    The Service Station - 9315 N. Nevada
    High Country Orchard - 8518 E. Greenbluff Road

    Consider displaying or selling our products
    in you Church, store or place of business. 

  • Ask Christ Kitchen to cater your next event. 

  • Donate - Bibles, nice baskets, scissors, Xerox-type boxes, large Rubbermaid-style containers, packing peanuts.  

  • Donate to the working women, giving them an opportunity to hear the teachings of Christ, receive job-training, mentoring, and the support of a loving community. 
    • $37.39 provides one day of work
    • $155.80 provides one month of work
    • $1,869.50 provides one year of work. 

  • Invite someone from Christ Kitchen to speak at your Church. 
Annual Events:
December:    Gingerbread Build-off

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