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Many children who could benefit from therapeutic services in the greater Spokane area, don't have access to the full range of care that could help them overcome and cope with physical, speech and mental challenges. Outstanding therapy resources are available for children in our community, but financial and insurance limitations are restricting families' access to needed therapies.

Elevations works with licensed professionals throughout the greater Spokane region to identify uninsured and under-insured children and provide them access to therapeutic services in the community.

If your child has been diagnosed with a delay in his or her motor, language, cognitive, and/or social-emotional development, AND your family does not have resources or insurance to cover the cost, there may be help. Elevations provides access to grants for the purpose of covering costs for therapy services and/or equipment.

Elevations: A Children’s Therapy Resource Foundation works with therapy providers in the greater Spokane area to identify and qualify children and families for grants that may cover all or part of the cost of a course of therapy and/or therapeutic devices and equipment.

The children we serve deserve to get the services they need, regardless of their parents' ability to pay.  These things can change the trajectory of the child's life for the rset of their life.  Getting these services can make a difference long-term."  (Exec. Director Mary Anne Ruddis) 

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Ghostball      October 2016
Hero Party    Spring 2016