Challenger Little League
(a program of Spokane Region Little League)
Spokane, WA

Contact: Heather Sutherland
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This is a new division of Spokane Little League, where everybody can play baseball, regardless of their disability.  This is a very positive experience for children.  

They accept boys and girls from age 5 to 8 with all types of physical and mental disabilities.  Each player gets a turn at bat.  If they are unable to connect with a pitch, players can use a tee.  Every time a player hits the ball they get to run to base.  

No umpire is needed because there are no strikes, fouls, or outs.  When the bases are loaded all the kids get to run home after the final batter swings.   

Parents or guardians are required to accompany their children to practices.  However, on game day, 10 to 12-yr old players from Major Little League volunteer to serve as buddies, so the parents can watch from the sidelines.  Each Challenger player is assigned a buddy, who stays at bat with them, helps them navigate the bases, and offers encouragement in the outfield. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • There is a need for both coaches and volunteers. 

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