Post Abortion Support
Life Services of Spokane
2659 N. Ash Street
Spokane, WA 99205
24 hour Confidential Voice mail (509) 462-4000

Contact: Cindy Crawford
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Our Post Abortion Support Program comes alongside post-abortive women and men helping them find healing and restoration.

Do you... 
... tell yourself over & over to forget your abortion?
 ...experience flashbacks about your abortion?
 ... have difficulty bonding with or are you overprotective of your children?
 ... exhibit compulsive, self-destructive behavior, i.e. alcohol, drugs, abusive relationships, etc?
 ...find yourself feeling sad on Mothers Day or Fathers Day?
 ... ever think about the future your child could have had?
 ... feel like you can’t share your abortion story because you’re ashamed?

Women and men process their feelings surrounding their abortion experiences differently.
As with any grief, women long to talk and express their feelings.

Men desire to process emotions alone or through extracurricular physical activity. 
While neither of those bring closure or healing, they may bring a false sense of relief.

Healing the Hurt and Restoring the Hope

93% of Support Group participants felt their quality of life had been enhanced.

Call or email for more information and let the healing begin. 24 hour Confidential Voice mail (509) 462-4000 or
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