Project Joy Senior Entertainers
3151 E 27th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99223
(509) 535-0584

Contact: Robert G. Smick
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The name "PROJECT JOY" says it all.  Bringing joy to others through service is one of the greatest personal joys in life. 

Project Joy is a non-profit corporation organized to fulfill the cultural needs of the elderly and to recognize and  advocate programs of entertainment to be enjoyed by Spokane seniors and the general public.

Our 225 members in over 35 groups provide entertainment for retirement centers, as well as community organizations and special events.  Seniors 50+ years of age are an important segment of society and have the desire and ability to make vital contributions to the community.  

We entertain and perform for those in convalescent/retirement homes.  It's fun!  It's creative!  It's useful! 

Statistics:  Our yearly audience count is approx 50,000

Volunteer Opportunities:

We have 40 entertaining units with a total of 240 volunteer entertainers. 
  • We need musicians and entertainers who are willing to perform for the retirement and convalescent communities. Learn  how you can better use and enhance your talents, or develop previously undiscovered abilities, in one of our groups, or start one of your own.  Membership is FREE!  Call to see how you can fit into our family. 
  • We need volunteers for...
    • vocal and instrumental music
    • dramatics
    • poetry
    • dance
    • puppets
    • story tellers
    • clowns
  • Donate money to cover overhead. 
Become part of an existing group or bring your own specialized entertaining group. Single performers are also needed.
Annual Events:
Fall -       Showcase of entertainers
Spring -  Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner
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