Spokane Cares
Spokane, WA 99206

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strives to improve our community by: 

  1. Helping those in need find resources. 

    • Families and individuals in need of help are guided to local community services.
    • Strengthening the individual and family...strengthens the community.

  2. Helping service organizations communicate their vital messages. 

    • Non-profits explain the services they provide, and how the community can support them. 
    • Choosing a Charity - direction for volunteering, donations, and business partnerships.    
    • Calendar of Events - supports non-profit and community activities.   

  3. Helping community members embrace service, and find meaningful ways to serve. 
    Spokane Cares is a 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts to this organization qualify for a tax deduction as a charitable contribution to the extent permitted by law. 

    Volunteer Opportunities:
    Do you like working from home?  Spokane Cares has volunteer opportunities which can be done in one hour a week from your home computer, and on your own time, sharing information people care about. 
    • Research and expand one of the 25 main Topics you have expertise in and care about.  Expand the general information, update the statistics, or add additional resources, so the information is current, relevant and helpful to our viewers.  Type your recommendations and submit them for approval. 

    • Share your skills in
      • data entry
      • marketing
      • Google Analytics
      • SEO
      • front end development in PHP, Javascript and MySQL
    • Glean from local and national media the information people care about.  Read publications like The Spokesman-Review, the Spokane's Journal of Business to glean helpful information.  Share that information with the volunteers who oversee those topics, so it can be shared on the website.

    • Gather photos to add to our Topic pages.
    • Share your professional knowledge which applies to the Topics on this site, and submit it for publication on Spokane Cares (with approval).
    • Manage the Calendar of Events.  Review new entries from nonprofits, edit when needed, and add activities. 

    • Things to Do in Spokane County.  Expand this list of activities. 

    • Invite non-profit organizations to participate on the Spokane Cares website.

    • Reply to emails.  Help people find the help they need, and help others find volunteer opportunities. 

    • Help maintain the website.  Remove dead links, write meta tag descriptions, keywords, and more. 

    • Share SpokaneCares.org with others.    

    • Advertise and Market Spokane Cares.

      Enjoy contributing to Spokane Cares,
      a unique and trusted community resource that is making a difference.