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The mission of Spokane District Dental Society Foundation (SDDSF) is to: “promote oral health by offering increased opportunities for delivery of dental care to those in need in our community through educational programs, collaboration with existing organizations and community programs, and direct delivery of care.”

SDDSF believes that oral hygiene and quality dental care are instrumental in obtaining and keeping good health. Good oral health strengthens citizens, which in turn strengthens the community in which they live. SDDSF also believes that all people deserve access to this quality dental care, even if they are uninsured or have a low income.

SDDSF’s top priority is to provide emergency, general, and specialty dental care to those who cannot afford to see a dentist (households in which the gross family income does not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level) in the Spokane County area.

stands for Inland Dental Expanded Access Clinic, a clinic for uninsured or under-insured patients staffed by volunteer dentists.  IDEA uses 4 of the 16 dental chairs at the Riverstone Family Dental Clinic.  This clinic has the potential to treat 4,000 patients a year, with a focus on adult Medicaid dental users.  The IDEA Clinic is a project of the Spokane District Dental Society Foundation, offering comprehensive dental care on a sliding fee scale, which allows people to take some responsibility for their own dental health.  IDEA also offers access to dental specialists like oral surgeons, which is helpful to those on Medicaid. 

The IDEA Clinic will treat adults
on the new Medicaid programs, as well as those who do not have insurance.  Although Spokane dentists volunteer their services, the clinic still has overhead and staff costs, and the Medicaid reimbursement rates help with that.
Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Volunteer dentists, hygienists and dental assistants can volunteer to help patients in our clinic receive the care they need.
  • Make a donation to the IDEA Clinic, which is funded by the fees patients pay, donations, and volunteer hours given by members of the dental society.  It has also received several grants.
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