Sustainable Resources INW
35 W. Main Ave
Spokane, WA 99201

Contact: Susanne Croft

Kirsten Nolan
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Sustainable, resilient communities change with the times to remain strong and viable long into the future. At SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES INW, we see the future and can help our community prepare to thrive (not just survive) once we get there.

SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES INW provides the training, support services and access to the network of resources our customers need to make sure their business, organization, or community is going strong for the long run.

SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES INW is an educational non-profit corporation dedicated to increasing our community’s awareness and utilization of sustainable practices.

We are funded by donations, grants and a few contracts. We formed as a non-profit because we’re motivated more by outcomes than income, and we value the power of partnerships to effect change.
Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer opportunities are available on our Marketing Committee. Purpose is to develop and implement a marketing plan for Sustainable Resources INW.  Monthly meetings required.
Annual Events:

Green Business Networking Luncheons (quarterly)
Local Money Gathering Events
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