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Spokane, WA 99208
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Spokane COPS is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) dedicated to crime prevention and safety for the Spokane community. Funded by the Spokane Police Department, and partnering with the City of Spokane and the Department of Corrections, we are here to make Spokane a safe environment for all members of this community.

We offer a variety of crime prevention and public safety programs and events to make Spokane a safer community, including lifting fingerprints off of vehicles to catch car prowlers, Operation Family ID, bike registration, and block watch.
Volunteer Opportunities:

On-going Position Descriptions

Block Watch Coordinator:

Block Watch Coordinators coordinate meetings and Block Watch information for their neighborhood, and they can easily work around their schedule to accomplish these tasks.

Block Watch is one of the most effective ways to prevent crime-by serving as a Block Watch Coordinator, you're taking a big proactive step in fighting crime in your neighborhood.

Front Desk Operations:

Working at the front desk, you'll help citizens find solutions for their problems and make Spokane safer for all. You'll work in shifts based upon your availability. You'll gain knowledge in areas such as law enforcement, code enforcement, and crime prevention.

Latent Fingerprinting:

As a latent fingerprinting volunteer, you'll be trained in the art and science of lifting prints off of prowled cars. The prints you lift will be sent to the police in hopes of catching the car prowler. You'll work around 4 hours a week or as needed. KREM2 news story on the program:

Property Inspector for Crime Free Multi-Family Housing

As a property inspector, you'll help landlords make changes to provide housing that meets safety standards and prevents crime. Inspections take around an hour (including travel time and report writing) and you can volunteer for whatever fits into your schedule. Inspections are a crucial aspect of the CFMH program. Properties certified through CFMH see a reduction of police calls up to 70%. Spokesman-Review article on the program

Neighborhood Operational Patrol

Patrol crime hot spots, making observations and working with Neighborhood Conditions Officers to help focus on problems as they come up. Patrols can occur day or night, whatever works best with your schedule. NOP patrols are incredibly important in the reporting and documentation that police officers need to control crime.

Bike Registration Events

You'll register people's bikes at events, taking down their bikes information and logging it into the city bike registration database. Each event takes only a few hours, and you can volunteer for as few or as many events as you like. Bike registration helps officers identify the owner of stolen bikes they recover, which helps get the bike returned as soon as possible.

Operation Family ID Events

You'll work with the Operation Family ID program at various events, taking down the child' information that can then be given to the police if the child goes missing. Each event takes only a few hours, and you can volunteer for as few or as many events as you like. Your work with Operation Family ID helps provide families with necessary information to give to law enforcement in the event their child goes missing.

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