Teen Closet
9212 E Montgomery, Suite #302 (Argonne Village Complex)
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
(509) 534-1151

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When children come into foster care, they are taken away from their homes, their families, and the only life they know.  Many times this happens with no notice.  They may be allowed only the clothes or PJ's they are wearing at the time.. sometimes not even that.

Many other children are identified by local school districts as homeless, in fact, Spokane County alone recognizes about 1,100 of its students homeless.

Teen Closet is here to help teenage boys and girls by providing them with some great clothes and products for FREE. We want to give them something to be happy about and make life a little easier for them. 

Teen Closet Mission Statement:

"Helping boost the self esteem of teenagers in foster care and in need, by providing fashionable clothing and accessories of their choice." 

If you are between 13 and 18, in foster care or in need, we would love to invite you to Teen Closet.  We want you to enjoy a shopping experience where you can choose from a wide variety of new and gently used clothing for free.  You can visit Teen Closet every six months to restock your closet for the different seasons.  How much you can take during each visit depends on what we have available.

We are open the second Saturday (8am-1pm) and the 4th Tuesday (5-7pm) of the month.  Approved authorities need to fill out a referral form at http://www.teencloset.org.  Then, we will contact you or your foster parents.  Social workers or their equivalent are the only ones who can refer a teenager, and they must fill out a referral for each visit to Teen Closet.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are run by volunteers, and voice-mail is checked frequently.
  • If you would like to volunteer your time, please visit our website and fill out the form.
  • We can always use monetary donations.  It is the most diverse way of helping our teens, because it can be used to buy new clothes or for administrative costs.

  • Consider becoming a foster parent, and make a difference in the life of a child. 

  • Please check our website for updates. 

Clothing Donations
  • We take new or gently used clothing donations that meet the following standards:
    They are brand new or gently used.

    It is an article of clothing or accessory suited for a current teenager.

    There are no stains or holes in the clothing.

    Must be "in style"
  • Girls and women's sized Jeans
  • Boys PJs
  • Boys and men's sized Jeans
  • Girls & Boys Running Shoes(all sizes)
  • Boys Skate Shoes(all sizes)
  • Boys Belts(size 32+)
  • Boys White No Show Style Socks(all sizes)
  • Boys (and men's size) underwear (all sizes)
  • Girls Bikini Brief Underwear(size 5 and above)
Please Note:  We take clothes that will fit teenagers ages 13-adulthood.  Most youth clothing is too small for our needs.

Clothing can be dropped off at Teen Closet in Spokane Valley (Please call first to make sure someone is there.  PLEASE do not just leave them.)  Teen Closet is located at suite 302 in the Village Square business complex, off of Argonne and Montgomery across from the Yokes Market.

Other Items We Need: 
  • We could really use a functioning VACCUM CLEANER
  • White Plastic Hangers
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