Lilac Services for the Blind
1212 N. Howard St.
WA, Spokane 99201
(509) 328-9116

Contact: Cheryl L. Martin
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The mission of Lilac Services for the Blind is to provide people in the Inland Northwest who are blind or have low vision, with the training and adaptive devices that  allow them to live satisfying lives by restoring, maintaining, or increasing their independence.

This is Lilac Blind's 43rd year of providing essential services to people and their families in 14 counties of Eastern and Central Washington.


Clients choose the level of independence they want to maintain or achieve with the help of assistive aids and personalized training with Lilac Blind's vision rehab therapists and specialists. People learn to function independently and safely in their homes and other surroundings. Individualized training includes home management, food preparation, orientation and mobility, communication methods, and more. Clients receive devices such as talking clocks, writing guides, large-print materials, magnifiers, and other adaptive devices.

Low-Vision Department
Clients have access to a wide variety of magnification and adaptive devices. Correct magnification enables people with low vision to read mail, medication labels, newspapers, and other important materials. Other assistive aids and training in alternative techniques in activities of daily living allow clients to continue to live independently, with minimal assistance from others.

Orientation & Mobility Training
Clients learn techniques to travel safely and independently. Instruction takes place in the client's homes and in the environments they wish to travel. O&M training includes guiding techniques for family, friends, and caregivers.

Assistive Technology Training
This program opens communication, educational, and vocational opportunities by providing clients with training to use screen-reading software and magnification programs as part of their computer skills.

Peer Groups
The Spokane office hosts an activities group every Friday from 10 to noon. The Wenatchee group meets each Wednesday at 1:00.

Braille Transcription Services
Our in-house service offers transcription of materials such as textbooks, sheet music, novels, greeting cards, menus, hotel guides, convention materials, brochures, and more into Braille.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Answering phones

  • Packing devices to be mailed to clients

  • Cleaning, painting

  • Additional opportunities as needed

Annual Events:
Golf Tournament
Applebee's Flapjack Breakfast
Spring plant sale
Holiday Shopping Events
Health Fair
...and various one-time fundraising events

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