Women's Healing and Empowerment Network
Empowering Abused Lives
5803 N. Greenwood Blvd
Spokane, WA 99205
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A Christian response to domestic violence and sexual abuse. 

We provide healing and empowerment to individuals, families, homes, churches, schools and other organizations through faith-based education, counseling, healing centers, resources and other support services in the areas of domestic violence, sexual abuse and related abuse.

We also assist religious organizations in establishing policies and procedures that can help prevent child abuse, protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions

We help victims of domestic violence abuse break the destructive cycle with counseling and group therapy. 

Domestic violence patterns are passed down to children.  Women and children can become caught in a cycle of abuse.  Women who were abused as children often seek out abusive relationships, because it feels "normal" to them.  The Women's Healing and Empowerment Network helps women understand the mentality that keeps them in abusive relationships.  When women understand that, then the cycle is broken. 

The majority of abusers were victims, and they need help also.  An abuser is attracted to someone he can control and manipulate. 

This is a nonprofit, donation-driven program, because the counseling is Christian-based, and religion can be part of the solution.   

This program provides a safe environment within 3 donated homes. 

Up to 30 women and children are served here each year. 

What You Can Do:
  • If you are a victim of abuse, give them a call.  Women of any religious faith are welcome. 
  • Donate to Cleone's Closet Thrift Store where battered women can get needed work experience and a chance to repair or build the credit history necessary to find housing.

  • Get donations, and bring them to the store. 

  • Donations of time and money.

  • Help with fundraising and marketing. 

  • Volunteer to maintain our website. 

  • Staffing opportunities.  Volunteer to be an Administrative Assistant. 
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