YWCA of Spokane - Alternatives to Domestic Violence
YWCA of Spokane
930 N. Monroe St.
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 326-1190

Contact: Patty Wheeler

(509) 326-2255   Crisis Line, 24-hours/day 

Hours:  M-Th 9-5; Fri 9-3

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The Safe Shelter manages the hotline and is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. Advocates are available to assist with safety planning, crisis counseling, referrals for community resources, and general information about domestic violence.  Our mission is to ensure the safety of survivors of domestic violence by providing safe shelter, counseling, case management, education and basic necessities like food, clothing, personal care items and transportation. We have a confidential shelter within the Spokane City limits as well as in the Spokane Valley. As confidential shelters, their locations are not advertised.

We are the only state recognized domestic violence service provider in Spokane County, with the ability to address the therapeutic needs of the women and children. 

The YWCA crisis line answers about 3,800 calls per year, and assists more than 13,000 survivors and children each year.  The YWCA offers help with shelter and housing services, legal services, counseling and clothing.  The 24-hour helpline is (509) 326-2255. 

The YWCA's primary goal is to empower women.

YWCA Alternatives to Domestic Violence

24-hour Domestic Violence Helpline
(509) 326-2255

The women who are served in the domestic violence program are not uneducated, helpless women.  Some are lawyers and doctors.  Domestic violence is often about control issues in the home. It can develop subtly, slowly, with deceit and the intent to entrap.

Those who carry out domestic violence will isolate women from family, deprive them of access to cash or credit cards, and tell them they are not capable of finding a job or doing anything to support themselves.

Some of the services offered to women escaping from an abusive relationship are
  • Shelter (Women can stay at the safe shelter 60 to 90 days.  Then, the program helps them move into transitional living, helping with rent.)
  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • Employment services
  • Free legal clinic (Many women cannot afford to file for divorce.)
  • Financial advice
  • Our Sister's Closet provides free business clothes for women going to job interviews or starting a new job.

YWCA's Child Advocate Program

This program is for children in the shelter who have seen abuse or been abused.  Children who have experienced such trauma may experience learning and development issues.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Donate:  Food, diapers, clothing, hygiene products and money.  Items may be dropped off at the YWCA.

  • Donate used cell phones, to give to the victims of domestic violence.  Be sure to erase your personal information.  You may also request a donation receipt from us. 
  • Volunteers are not needed, as many women using the services do not want anyone to know their situation.  
  • Advocate for those who have been or are being abused.  For more information, call (509) 326-1190.  
  • Women in need of shelter may call the crisis line at (509) 326-2255.