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Teen-Aid is a not-for profit organization started in 1981 for the specific purpose of teaching life skills to reduce premarital sexual activity using risk avoidance education. Today, Teen-Aid has expanded its service to provide programs to enhance relationships, strengthen marriage and parenting and assist in helping with employment skills and launching a business to provide for the family.

Teen-Aid provides pregnancy testing for a minimal fee and counseling, referrals to doctors, and access to social service agencies. 

Teen-Aid does relationship classes for singles and couples. To register for classes visit: http://www.marriagefriendlycommunities.org. The class for singles, “How to Avoid Falling for a Jerk” teaches skills to find compatible mates. Classes for couples, “Relationship Works” teaches communication, how to resolve conflicts, discuss financial issues, who does which chores and celebrating the differences in gender and personality types.

Teen-Aid also does The Success Shop
The Success Shop project has been launched to help non-profits, small businesses and start up businesses meet the financial needs of their families or the families they serve. The Success Shop can use its printing equipment and years of writing and business experience to help others. At the same time, Teen-Aid will use the proceeds to keep the relationship education going to help the families in the community.

The Success Shop Services      
Small and new businesses cannot afford the "full meal" deal from a big firm. The Success Shop will create a business strategy and promotion plan that can be affordable, a piece at a time. Referrals to other organizations, web sites and helps will be part of the self sufficiency plan.     


“Earn While You Learn.”   This program teaches mothers important parenting skills, as they earn money to spend at the Maternity/Baby Supply Center.

"Abstinence Until Marriage” is a curricula they produce to teach abstinence life skills for faith based and secular presentations. Materials are available for abstinence decision making, relationship skills, and marriage tips. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Volunteer to teach or mentor.  Teen-Aid staff & volunteers have helped teens and parents be proud of their decisions. Presenters use multimedia and personal experiences to teach critical life skills. Thought provoking presenters deliver current information for successful parents and teens. 
  • Give financial support so teens can safely navigate life’s choices.
  • Schedule a presentation.  Please contact the Teen-Aid office at (509) 482-2868.

  •  Work with teens in the teen center during the day for the summer and 3-6pm every afternoon.
  • Volunteer to help with general maintenance. 

  • DONATE:  gently used baby items, disposable diapers, clothes size premie to size 6 children

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