200 E. Second Avenue, Suite A
Spokane , WA 99202
(509) 325-4489
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Place developmentally and physically disabled people in local employment positions.  Our employment development program helps support personal growth, job training, job placement, and community integration. 

Employers do not have to invest extra time and resources training employees who are disabled.  Artisan staff offers their clients on-site job supervision and continual job training.

We have two Spokane e-waste collection centers for discarded electronics.  We can also pickup in the community within a 100-mile radius. 
  • 200 E. Second (accepting donations)

  • 4019 E. Central (accepting donations and turning them into e-scrap, and selling refurbished computers) 

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Let this organization know of potential job opportunities for the disabled.   Jobs skills are variable, from janitorial, and the fast food industry, to private home owners.  
  • Refer a potential client to this organization. Clients must have been diagnosed as being developmentally disabled as a youth.
  • Volunteer to help with fund-raising for this non-profit organization.