Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum
P.O. Box 19459
Spokane, WA 99219-9459

Contact: Stan Roth
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1. Preserve and display military and aviation related historical artifacts from or connected to the Inland Northwest.

2. Serve the Inland Northwest by providing additional educational opportunities for young and adult residents and visitors.

3. Tell historical stories of military activity by all branches of the US military that have had a presence in the Greater Spokane area.

4. Tell historical stories of aviation activity and development, both military and civilian, that have taken place in the Greater Spokane area.

Felts Field was the birthplace for both military and civilian aviation in the Northwest.  

We will  hold a campaign to create a new military and aerospace museum at Felts Field, on Rutter Avenue, just west of the Felts Field terminal.  The planned collection will feature artifacts, documents and photos dating back to the mid-1800's. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • At this time, the primary need is for people skilled in high level fund raising.
  • Once we have an operating museum, we will need volunteers to serve as hosts and docents, and for a wide variety of maintenance and exhibit creation tasks.
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