Oxford House
PO Box 30627
Spokane, WA 99223
Spokane hotline: (509) 216-0331 Blake Bippes (509) 434-6610

Contact: Eastern Washington Outreach Representative: Blake Bippes

Washington’s web site:        http://www.oxfordhouse.us
National web site:                 http://www.oxfordhouse.org

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There are 26 Oxford homes in Spokane which house 206 men and women who are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.  There are 20 men's houses (one men with children) and 6 women houses (four women with children.  

Oxford homes work!  Residents who stay at least 6 months have an 85-90% chance of staying sober forever.  They are able to rebuild their lives, get a job, and get their family back.  These are clean and sober homes which enable the residents to stabilize their lives and prepare to transition back into society.  

Oxford residents may live in these homes for as long needed.   They all do chores, housework, yard work, cook, and pay household expenses.  There is zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol, everyone must pay their equal share of expenses, and the houses are run democratically.  Our houses are totally self-run and self supported receiving no outside money from any agencies.

Oxford homes house ex-felons. 
Volunteer Opportunities:

New homes are acquired as the need arises, and these homes are always in need of the following: 
  • Twin bedding (including pillows and comforters).  
  • Toilet paper and paper towels.   
  • Household furnishings

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