Inland Northwest P.E.T. Project (The)
(PET: Personal Energy Transportation)
15123 N. Little Spokane River Drive
Spokane, WA 99208
(509) 466-3425

Contact: Dick Carpenter
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We build 3-wheeled vehicles, and donate them throughout the world to people who have lost use of their legs due to injury, birth defects, land mines, polio, accidents, animal bites, and other causes. 

"Personal Energy Transportation"
(PET) vehicles are hand-pedaled or hand-driven.  They are made of lumber and steel.  The sturdy parts and solid-core rubber wheels provide transportation in terrain that would prove difficult for traditional wheelchairs to navigate. They are donated to people who need them via a network of nonprofits. 

Motto:  "Lifting people out of the dirt into a life of dignity and hope." 

"I am fortunate God gave me a talent.  I have a duty to share it.  My point is not what I have done, but what I have done for someone else."   (Dick Carpenter, founder of Inland Northwest PET Project)

  • 200 million is the estimated number of land mines planted through the world.
  • 22 million is the estimated need of these Personal Energy Transporters.

Organizations associated with us: 
  • We are an affiliate of P.E.W.T. International.  As I write, there are 12 affiliates.

  • Collectively we ship to over 60 countries and it is estimated there are almost 15,000 PETS in use.

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Donate wood (hard board 11' x 5' or 10' x 4', 1/4" thickness preferred), steel, or parts made to our specifications, wheels, bearings, springs, rims.
  • We are all volunteers, so anyone who wants to work with wood, welding, painting or assembling will find many opportunities to serve.  
  • The projects which can be done by Adults, especially in the evenings:   Painting of wood parts at the volunteer’s place of choice; and we provide the paint and the cut parts.

  • Tax-deductible donations may be mailed to WCPC PET Project at our address above.  A donation form and more information is available online.
Annual Events:
October:   3-day fund raiser serving travelers at the Sprague Rest Stop of I-90.
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