Homeless Resource Center (The)
(a program of Frontier Behavioral Health)
520 South Walnut Street
WA, Spokane
(509) 455-6275

Hours: Monday – Noon-2 pm
Wednesday –2-4 pm
Friday – Noon-2 pm
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The Homeless Outreach Team engages homeless individuals and their families to meet their immediate needs with community services and promote transition to permanent housing.  

The Team provides mobile assistance
wherever homeless persons happen to be, whether they are on the streets, in parks, under bridges, along railroad tracks, on river banks, in shelters, or living in cars.  

They provide homeless individuals a bulletin board, newspaper, telephone, access to a voice mailbox, information brochures and a computer with Internet access.  The Center is staffed by members of the Homeless Outreach Team. 

It is a warm and safe environment
where people who are homeless can come for assistance with:
  • Finding information about housing, employment or vocational services.
  • Completing applications for housing, public assistance/funding and employment.
  • Receiving free mental health and/or addiction screening, risk assessment and education.
Team members are available to work with community shelter staff and other providers, offering support and education about mental illness and chemical dependency and risk assessment for homeless persons.

Spokane Mental Health's Homeless Outreach Team was created in July 1999 in response to Spokane’s homeless providers concerns about the unmet needs of our city’s homeless citizens.  In November 2000, a chemical dependency professional and a Homeless Resource Center were added to the existing mental health team through a partnership project with Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers (SPARC).

Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Contact Frontier Behavioral Health (formerly Spokane Mental Health) to inquire about their many volunteer opportunities.