Courageous Kids Climbing
Date: Saturday, Apr. 21, 2018    Time: 10 am - Noon
Posted by: Spokane Cares

A FREE rock climbing opportunity
   (physical and intellectual)

   presented by WILD WALLS

Courageous Kids Climbing teaches children with special needs, both physically and intellectually challenged, how to rock climb. 

Rock climbing can be an excellent opportunity for children with special needs for a variety of reasons. It has been shown that climbing can increase spatial perception, hand-eye coordination and balance.  It also teaches children about advanced planning, problem-solving and goal-setting skills that are useful not only in school, but in life.

Event coordinator Jeff Riechmann said, "To date, we have worked with kids who are sight challenged; hearing challenged; and who have autism and cerebral palsy. We feel pretty comfortable in saying we can accommodate any child with special needs.  We can make this claim thanks to companies like RIT Safety Solutions and Community Partnerships of Idaho, who have donated a special safety and adaptive harnesses that we can use with children with physical challenges that want to experience climbing.  All participants are required to wear a climbing harness and climb under the supervision of experienced rock climbers.  We often get children who are afraid of heights.  We work slowly with each child to help them overcome their fear.  Nothing is mandatory."

Jeff Riechmann says the things children learn while climbing apply far outside of the climbing gym.  "For the child with physical challenges, they get to experience something that they might never get the chance to experience.  For children with developmental issues, it might cure their fear of heights.  It will teach them how to focus and problem-solve.  It teaches them how to play with others and, in some cases, how to trust someone other than their caregiver." 

The Volunteer Coaches are experienced rock climbers from the local areas that volunteer their time to work with the kids.  In addition, members of the Spokane Fire Departmentís Technical Rescue Team will also help mentor the courageous climbers.  This event is an excellent opportunity for emergency responders to receive firsthand experience working with people with special needs.  If you know of any other fire / law enforcement / EMS organizations that would like to come out to our event, please provide us with an e-mail contact.  The kids love climbing with them!

All Courageous Kids Climbing events are offered at NO CHARGE to the participants, but reservations are encouraged.  Sign up early, as the registration is limited, so that each child has quality supervision and time for more than one climbing opportunity. The first 20 children with special needs who complete and return the registration package will have a spot reserved in their name. 

The kids are given a special T-shirt to help them remember the event.  If you know of someone that would like to sponsor our T-shirts, plus let us know.

This event consists of two 1-hour sessions. 

We are always looking for volunteers to come out and help at our events.  If you, or someone you know would be interested in helping at this event, drop us an e-mail.

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