Coming Home: A Soldiers' Project
Date: Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018    Time: (see below)
Posted by: Spokane Cares

Coming Home:  A Soldiers' Project,
is produced by Gonzaga University's Theatre Arts Department. 

This original work explores the experiences of what it is like returning from war to study at Gonzaga.  It is the story of transition, from base to basketball, and transitions also of perception: from service to civilian, how our senses take in and process the new sights and sounds of the university environment. Small moves make big waves–connections are made and unmade. Our construction of the meaning of events, past and present, is made in moments of transition. 

February 9-10, 2018
7:30 pm

February 11, 2018
2:00 pm

Tickets:  $15
Gonzaga students, faculty and staff:  $10

Magnuson Theatre
Gonzaga University
502 E. Boone Ave.
Spokane, WA

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