Learn to Square Dance with the Valley Cross Trailers
Date: Thursday, Sep. 13, 2018    Time: 7 pm to 9 pm
Posted by: Spokane Area Council of Square & Folk Dancers

Western Dance Center - 1901 North Sullivan Road, Spokane Valley WA 99216 This is not your great-grandpa's barn dance in a black & white movie. New calls and current music make modern western square dancing a different activity than you are thinking of. If you danced in grade school this is different. 1. Ages 10 to 100 - Family friendly - Everyone dances together. - Singles Welcome 2. Casual clothing - Jeans & T-shirts & comfortable shoes. 3. If the music has a beat we can dance to it. Rock to Classical to Jazz to Country, it all works for us. 4. Non-competitive - no rating, grading or scoring. Just for the fun of moving to the music with others. 5. Low impact aerobic exercise. If you can walk, you can dance. 6. Mentally engaging wake up your brain cells. 7. Cookies and smiles provided. Laughter guaranteed, -- -- 509-489-4492