Free Intro to Square Dancing - Valley
Date: Friday, Sep. 14, 2018    Time: 8 pm to 10 pm
Posted by: Spokane Area Council of Square & Folk Dancers

Western Dance Center, 1901 North Sullivan Road, Spokane Valley WA - - 509-489-4492 Not great-grandpa's barn dance in a black & white movie. New calls & current music make modern western square dancing a different activity. Not grade school style at all. 1. Age 10 to 100 Family friendly, Everyone dances together, Singles Welcome 2. Casual, Jeans & T shirts, comfortable shoes 3. If the music has a beat we can dance. Rock - Classical - Jazz - Country 4. Non-competitive Just for the fun of it 5. Low impact aerobic exercise 6. Mentally engaging. Wake up the brain cells Smiles required - Laughter & cookies provided Dare to dance in a square.