Crime & Public Safety

Criminals are grown in communities, not in jails.

Our entire community can work together to achieve greater public safety.

  • Spokane has one of the highest crime rates per capita in the entire nation.  In 2015, Spokane had 1,161 violent crimes, and 15,971 property crimes.  Assault is the most common violent crime (647), and theft is the most common property crime (11,408).
Neighborhood Scout breaks down the change of being a crime victim in Spokane, based on every 1,000 residents.  According to that report, for violent crime there is a 1 in 184 chance of being a victim, and 1 in 13 chance for being a victim of a property crime. 
(sources:  Amanda Roley, Verify, KREM 2 TV, November, 2017; Officer O'Brien of Spokane Police Dept.; FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting website; Neighborhood Scout)
  • Spokane has one of the worst crime rates in the entire nation due to an above-average rate of theft or property crime, and assaults for violent crime.  (KREM TV, Verify: Are Spokane’s crime rates the worst in the nation?, Nov. 22, 2017)

  • Over 50,000 incidents of child abuse were verified in the last decade in the County. 

    There were over 4,000 domestic violence offenses for the most recent year of data available. 

    Community violence includes:  homicide and suicide, domestic and sexual violence, elder abuse, child abuse and neglect, and youth violence.  (SRHD, Sept. 2017) 
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