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What Is Right & Wrong with Our Schools?
What is Right & Wrong with Our Schools?
“Most teachers invest out-of-pocket money on their students.
“Many (if not most) teachers work a 60-hour week.
“Many teachers have a second job to make ends meet.”   
(2011 National Education Summit)

  • Among 34 developed nations, American students ranked:
14th in Reading
17th in Science
25th in Math (near the bottom)              
(The State of Education Summit with 10 state governors, sponsored by NBC News, Education Nation, Sept. 2011)   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/44678077#44677102 
Additional Resources

"Radical: Fighting to Put Students First," by Michelle Rhee.  In Radical, Michelle Rhee, a fearless and pioneering advocate for education reform, draws on her own life story and delivers her plan for better American schools.

Rhee’s goal is to ensure that laws, leaders, and policies are making students—not adults—our top priority, and she outlines concrete steps that will put us on a dramatically different course.  Informing her critique are her extraordinary experiences in education: her years of teaching in inner-city Baltimore; her turbulent tenure as chancellor of the Washington, DC public schools; and her current role as CEO of the education nonprofit StudentsFirst.  Rhee draws on dozens of compelling examples from schools she’s worked in and studied, from students who’ve left behind unspeakable home lives and thrived in the classroom to teachers whose groundbreaking methods have produced unprecedented leaps in student achievement.

“Throughout her career, Michelle Rhee has fought for every student to receive a quality education. In Radical, Rhee describes her experiences in the trenches, her challenges and her successes, but what she has learned through it all is that we must always put our students first.”  (Condoleezza Rice )