How to Forgive

Forgiveness should become a way of life
, rather than an occasional event.  We all have wounds which can cause hard feelings to stand in the way of forgiving and loving others; but, the offended one will be blessed when he remembers to always forgive “until seventy times seven” (Matthew 18:21-22), regardless of the offense, attitude, or apology of the offender.  

Forgiveness may be the hardest work we ever do.  It can be a terribly difficult task at times, taking a conscious effort to avoid anger and resentment, and heal from the mistakes of others.  

Some offenses are so grievous that legal action may be appropriate.  The offended one can allow those in authority to punish and correct the offender, while he begins the difficult task of healing by forgiving the offender.  Only then can the one offended find peace and happiness again. 

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