• Write in a journal.  Begin by writing about your family, favorite books and music, TV shows you enjoy, friends, cousins, grandparents, pets, teachers, talents, chores, etc.  Write about school, what you enjoy doing, family vacations, and what makes you happy and sad.  
  • Family History.  Talk to your parents and grandparents about their life story, and write down what is of interest to you. 

  • Ancestors.  Learn something new about your ancestors, and share their story.  For help, try http://www.FamilySearch.org

  • Family Genealogy.  Locate a family genealogy chart, and write down as much information as you can about your ancestors.  Ask your grandparents to help you fill in the empty blanks, and share what they know about your ancestors.
  • Life Stories from the Elderly.  Visit with the elderly who live in an assisted living facility.  Interview them with a list of questions to find out how they grew up.  Offer to record or type their life stories, and give them a copy to share with their friends and family.  
  • Museums.  Ask your family to visit some of our local museums and other historical places.  
  • Cemetery Cleanup.  Some cemeteries are in remote areas and not taken care of.  Do some general cleanup by clearing brush and old plants, and setting up fallen grave markers.  Be careful not to remove the markers from the same spot you found them. 

  • More Ideas.  Find more ideas for giving service under the topic of History, on this site. 

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