Fingerprints are used by the government to track information about you.  Your fingerprints identify all relevant information in your life:  birth, name, addresses, employment and arrests.  When an organization wants your fingerprint background check, it can make the request from a state identification bureau, or the FBI. 

People who are part of certain agencies
or industry groups, will need to get “digitally fingerprinted” as a requirement of your employment or participation.

The days of “ink on paper” fingerprinting are quickly going the way of snail mail.  Unlike ink-on-paper fingerprints, digital fingerprints can be transmitted electronically and shared among agencies. It is more efficient and cost-effective, so many states, federal agencies, and industries no longer accept ink-on-paper—they now require digital fingerprinting.

Organizations That May Require Digital Fingerprints
Caregivers / Childcare
Child Protection Agency (CPS)
Foster care
Healthcare / Pharmacy Techs / (out-of-state Nursing license)
Education / Teachers
Real Estate
Liquor License
Gaming License
State Licensing
Taxi drivers
...and most companies that require fingerprinting
NOTE:   Caregivers and Department of Early Learning
must make an appointment thru
or, call 888-771-5097

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