Time for Family

The only thing that matters
to those approaching death is -
their family and friends. 

No one ever wished they had spent more time at the office.

What Parents Can Do

We have so many time-saving devices
today, but never enough time to do all the things that shout for our attention and time; and so often it is family time that is neglected. 

  • Set aside an evening or Saturday to turn off your cell phone, iPod, television, computer…and spend quality time with your family, having fun together, and teaching family values.  
  • Make family decisions together (family rules, discipline, family calendar, budgeting, dating, etc.).  All families have challenges.  Schedule a weekly family meeting to provide an opportunity for expressing opinions and feelings, discussing the calendar of activities, learning to solve problems, and feeling connected to the family group.  Discuss both what is going right, and what needs to be improved.  
  • Give kids your time, the greatest gift a parent can give—so they know they matter.  What children want from their parents is more time, not more stuff.  
Time with a child forms a bond of love which far surpasses anything that could be purchased.  Toys and other things parents buy for their children eventually break down, wear out and are forgotten; but, those precious moments spent together will last forever. 
  • Call home when you are out of town.  Keep commitments to your children, and organize your schedule to make family first.  
  • Make time to provide a warm, caring environment in your home, and your children will love being home.   Create a home of faith, order, truth, love, and happiness.  
  • Make home a safe place where children know parents will listen and allow their children to share their feelings and speak their minds respectfully. Be a good listener.   Help them explore the source of their feelings and consequences, showing your children that they are worthy of your time and attention.  
  • Take time for fun and activities which are non-corrective, non-critical times, as well as opportunities to just talk.  Children need loving relationships.  If they don’t have it with parents and family, they will find it with someone else—perhaps a peer who doesn’t have your values.  Youth will be influenced by the persons they have relationships with.  Children choose friends who approve of them and treat them nicely.  Parents often criticize the friends of their children and everything they are doing.  Try to say positive things to your children.  Take time to build good, loving, close relationships with your children.  

  • The movie rating system is designed for parents, to help them guide their children, but it is not perfect.  Simply relying on the Motion Picture Association of America to make choices for you or your children is a mistake, because their ratings are all about money, not helping parents feel more informed when it comes to family movie night.  The book "Has Hollywood Lost Its Mind? - a Parent's Guide to Movie Ratings" by Chris Hicks, was written to help parents make more informed entertainment decisions, specifically related to movies. 
  • Make time to get children to talk to you.  Give them a snack, sit down to talk, and they will too!
  • Show that you care.  When a large group of prison inmates were asked, “What was it that brought you here as inmates of this penitentiary?”  Almost without exception, they answered, “We are here in the state penitentiary, because there came a time in our lives when we were made to feel that nobody cared what happened to us.” 
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