Emergencies in Spokane
  • Spokane maintains 24-hour emergency services (police, fire, emergency and crime reporting phone numbers) to respond to natural disasters, hazardous materials spills, or a widespread, long-term public health crisis.  These services must remain a priority over all other non-essential services.  
  • The disasters/hazards which are most likely to occur in the 25 Inland Northwest counties (in Washington, Idaho and Montana), ranked in order of likelihood, are:  
Severe storms wind, snow or rain
Hazardous material spills or exposure
Urban fires
Disease epidemics
Eruption of volcanoes in western Washington that would result in an influx of people moving inland
 Spokane Area Disaster Planning Committee

Local Organizations
Additional Resources

(Community Organizations Active in Disasters)
Spokane County Dept. of Emergency Management
1618 N. Rebecca Ave
Spokane, WA  99217
Protecting people, property and the environment through increasing the readiness level to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from major emergencies and disasters. 

Emergency Preparedness & Response
1101 W College Ave. #360
Spokane, WA
(509) 323-2847  324-1500